Who is ki777iz =^_^=

Artist, dev, maker and gamer.

🐱 Hi fwend! (^ο½₯oο½₯^)ノ”

πŸ‘Ύ I'm an awkward human passionate about geek stuff such as digital art, miniature figurines, scale models, crafts, arduino, coding, and more! :)

β‚Ώ Currently deeply sucked into the crypto space and working on my own voxel and pixel art NFT project. More about that coming soon. So stay tuned on twitter to not miss the launch. :)

πŸš™ I try to keep up with streaming, but I am currently on a quest where to settle on this big planet.

πŸ’œ Please join me on your favorite social media plateform! All links right here! πŸ‘‡ UwU

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